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Michael Phelps Legend

Renew your energy and relationships with a Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub by Master Spas. Combining the benefits of hydrotherapy with an inviting gathering space, a Legend Series hot tub makes it easier to find time for yourself and those who mean the most.

Family time just got more fun.
Legend Series hot tubs comfortably seat anywhere from four to eight adults, giving everyone room to relax and reconnect.

Hot Water Therapy
Hot water therapy has been shown to reduce stress, relieve pain, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and boost endorphins.

Sleep Better
Sleep better thanks to feeling more relaxed and the change in body temperature.

from an exercise session or injury. The water takes the pressure off joints, allowing you to have better mobility and flexibility.

LSX 900

MP 900

A true luxury, the LSX 900 is the very best of Master Spas all wrapped up in a premium hot tub. This spacious spa features seating for up to eight people and a comfortable lounge so you can share the best life has to offer with all of your family and friends.

LSX 850

MP 850

The LSX 850 combines the luxury of the Legend Series with an open seating arrangement. Friends and family will appreciate the premium hydrotherapy and brilliant design features, including LED lighting and waterfalls. Enjoy a tension-relieving massage while taking in the sights and sounds of this luxe package.

Michael Phelps Spa
Michael Phelps Spa

LSX 800

MP 800

Live life better with the LSX 800, a premium hot tub inspired by the best. The spacious model offers premium features, beautiful styling and outstanding performance. Up to six adults can enjoy the ultimate in hydrotherapy thanks to the 70 Orbit jets, lounge seating and Master Blaster Foot Therapy.

LSX 700

MP 700

It’s easy to sit back and relax in the LSX 700. One of our perennial best-sellers, it features a deep StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™ and a contoured lounge seat. With 62 soothing and powerful jets, every seat in this beautiful hot tub is a winner.